Types of Euro Cylinder Locks

Types of Euro Cylinder Locks

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Many households in the country have locks with Euro profile cylinders in their homes. These devices are known as Euro cylinder locks for short which are used on most UPVC doors, and ones made from composite materials. When planning lock replacement or when this is required due to extensive damage of the original device, you will be able to pick from three main options. Find out more about the three types of locks which are available to you.Types of Euro Cylinder Locks

Making the Best Choice

The most basic door lock cylinders with Euro profile are the single ones. These cylinders allow the doors to be locked with the use of a key from one side only. This means customers will not be able to lock an external door from the inside. Given this, these cylinders may not be the best options for front doors which are easily accessible from the street.

There are also locking devices with double Euro cylinder and thumb turn which is also known as or key devices. This is because the door can be locked with a key from the outside and with the use of the turning known from the inside. The UPVC door locks of this type are extremely popular for their convenience as well as for the level of security which they ably provide.

The double cylinder or double key locks form the third category. With them, doors can be locked from the outside and from the inside with the use of a key. The professionals of Locksmith Ruislip explain they are considered to offer the highest level of security of all three types. This is due to being able to lock the door from the inside and take the key with you so no one else can meddle with the device. You will not have to worry that your small kid will unlock the door and go outside which may happen with the use of a key and turn device.

It is up to clients to select the type of new device which will be installed depending on your needs, requirements, and budget. In order for the lock change to be possible, the new device must possess a Euro profile cylinder of the same size as the existing one. The cylinder size is determined by the depth of the door and the handle type and design plays a role as well.

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